Tuesday, November 2, 2010

breakfast in bed....

because the sister deserves it!
huge props to miss marley kay for studying so hard (and for so long) last night. (we had a slumber party in case you nuggets were curious) i got my bottom up bright and early to fix her breakfast. (the most horrifying unhealthy breakfast, might i add) i imagined it as being a reward such as a little hole in the wall diner in florida. you know you are about to get a mean meal whipped up when everything is mixy-matchy in those places.... from the coffee cups to the plates, to the silverware and bowls. 

so i went for the ever-so-mix-n-match way possible:
red vintage trey with yellow-ish gold flowers 
blue and white striped (cocktail) napkin
purple salad plate
an orange cup
a deserving treat for the sis.
calories and all.



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