Monday, November 1, 2010

Shoe Fetish.

Once upon a time i loved these shoes.

They now belong to the one and only - ZIGGY! (little miss, little miss, can't be wrong)

You see, when Ziggy was just a new addition to my life she had some devil/some angel in her bones 
She now is my life. 

The some devil explains the ruining of the lovely charcoal color heels (ruffles included) I once pranced around in. Sad story, I know. But can I resist the bundle of cuteness and whoop her little tail for it? No. She was abused in her first life. I can barely bring myself to scold her. And for that, this is the price I pay. Who has this same problem with their own child? Four legged or not....  I feel sure that I am not alone.


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