Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's talk Willow House + random....

i had my first party last night at mary's house and it went grrrreat. 
and to those of you who came (or placed a web order) thank you so very much!
mary was excited about the rewards she got for hosting the party
and i was pumped about the whole she-bang. off to a fun start.
the item i sold the most of:
decorative card and photo display.

the a la carte sangria is:
yummy. and i wasn't the only one who said so.

just a little tid-bit i thought i'd share with the stalkers. 
say a prayer for david (right now). he has a doctors appointment shortly about his neck/back. thanks.
Cheers    < that site deserves it. thanks alot, david. now you see where i visit daily (because it changes... daily) and have temptations to spend all my moo-lah.
  i put up a "wino christmas tree" every year.   
(psssst-so do several other people in my family... i'm not alone. i know a sister, a mama, an aunt and a grandmother for sure that have one. so at least four + me)
(and even left it up year round when i lived in florida..... which was weird because i drank 1,242 blue moons too many and not enough wine. but still showed off the ole' wino christmas tree regardless of the time of the year)
   Woah, Nelly.... getting off track is so easy for me.
backtothepoint.... i will have a wino christmas tree (or two) up before dark tonight. 
and possibly more ho ho ho decor than that. 
i really cant wait any longer. i've done good holding out this long. 

Chelsea and I are making christmas stockings (can't touch that na-na-na-na)  
 and last night we had six-ish to complete. 
talk about being in the chrsitmas mood? 
i kinda' felt like an elf, honestly. which wasn't a bad thing i don't guess.

that is all for now, punkins.
have a great tuesday.
(your goodtunetuesday is coming) 


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