Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cold toes.

this is me.
right before i went into the "b mode" where most of what came out of my mouth was unpleasant due to frozen toes. so cold as to where i couldn't walk.

reminding me of the time i learned a lesson the hard (very painful) way....
while living in breckenridge, colorado i was known as "alabama", "bama" and "apple pie".... well everyone took where i was from in consideration when i was on the mountain.... i was a slow skier compared to most others and i didn't know that is was a no-no to layer socks. my toes always gave me the hardest time. they would get so cold that i would have to take a beer break to pout about how the temp has turned the snow into needles because that is what it felt like i was walking on. finally a guy asked me how many pair of socks i had on.... explaining to me that by me layering (we won't call me out on the number) several pairs of socks only cuts off my circulation. which explained why this was a regular problem. my circulation was cut off and i was the one left behind ordering cold ones on a pretty day on the mountain.... even though they flirted their words around how cute it was that i was a "slow-poke-skier" (compared to all the other locals) i know it was secretly a relief to them when my feet did this because they could actually get the real business on the "fresh powder" done without worrying about me.  though, they never once admitted it. i miss that place but i do not miss the days before i learned the valuable lesson of only wearing one good pair of socks.


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