Monday, November 15, 2010

Have you ever had an overwhelming advantage thrown your way (hitting you right smack in the face) and you decided against it? Mmm hmmm....
what (honestly) held you back?
what stopped you.
was your "pause for the cause" really worth it?

COMFORT ZONES... why do you do the things you do? 
you keep people from being truly passionate about what their days consist of. 
shame on you, comfort zones.

So I am here (hello) to share a little story.
i love having the opportunity of living the unusual life. i would be lying if i said i didn't need the feeling of comfort, to some degree. but stopping when my journey is far from through... who me? yes.... i recently stopped my life (for a hot minute) in a comfort zone. enjoyable, of course. majority of the experience gave me such a relaxed feeling. but over-excited? not so much....
turning the page.... to an urge of excitement rushing through my entire body. i believe in these type feelings. i know they are out there (in this crazy world) and i am the only person who can make it happen. not because i have a super power. simply because i want it.

today (officially) i decided to get back enrolled in school and finish up with a marketing degree. i will save my story about cosmetology school and the reasons i chose not to make that my career for another day. (p.s. it makes me giggle, kind of) I am choosing (again, because i want it) to live a life of excitement. a life that sweeps me off my feet and that just wasn't it.

file under "note to self": 
i will accomplish something (big or small) each day that is a step closer to my (huge) dreams.  i will never settle for something because it is (only) comfortable.


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