Monday, November 29, 2010

john mayer said:
"you guys ready to go for awhile tonight?"
  at the beginning of his concert that was recorded live for his
"any given thursday" dvd.
(way back in the day.... september 12th two thousand and two, to be exact.)

did i mention i was obsessed with him and i am on the dvd several different times?
well, both = true. 

my oh my have ole' john and i changed drastically over the last eight years.
(especially appearance) 

i got a new tee.vee. yesterday
and along with that came some inspiration to organize all my dvds.
welp, i found the "any given thursday" dvd and had to watch it. had to.
ziggy has yet to get the opportunity to see me on it
and she was having a fit to watch it with me.

and watching this dvd has brought me to this:
oh, memories. (something i am thankful for. good or bad)
i think there are two types of memories:
1- tornado like memories
2- sunshine memories

tornado memories teach you valuable lessons.
sunshine memories....the type you wish happened all the time. and nothing but sunshine memories.
(impossible) you are faced with storms for a reason. 
look back on your past and (for a change) be thankful for the tornadoes you have dealt with. pat yourself on the back for what lesson/lessons you learned from the storms. i think it makes the storms much more pleasant knowing that you learned something from it. 

they say you learn something new every day and i believe i learn more than one thing new a day. often something about myself. and more often about someone else. i enjoy learning. it gives me a sense of picking myself up off the ground on one of my clumsy days. 
don't try erasing your tornado memories.
(that means NO MORE "don't remind me" coming out of your mouth.)
honestly- it's good to be reminded. however it may be.
learn.something.from.those.suckers that caused the storm. 

and with the sunshine memories - 
frame every single one of them.  
because any memory you have thats like a bright sunny day is totally worth it.

now- scoot back to the topic i started this post with.
(play the song "why georgia why" right this instant)

ask yourself if you are living it right every single day.
it is a question that needs to be answered.
it's okay to have doubt. and fear. and 1,248 unanswered questions about your life. remember- you learn something new every day so be patient and some uncertainty will be answered. a stormy day might cause bad hair but it should only make you bring out the bright colors in your wardrobe (so bright and mis-matchy that bad hair and heartache is forgotten about)
and live a life that is like a bundle of bright sunshine. 


plus.... everybody looks better with sun-kissed-skin.

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