Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jesus had another birthday!

....And my family celebrated! Christmas is such a specail time. I can't get enough of it each year. Can I just leave my Christmas decor up all year, eat the type food (and amount) that we eat during the holidays, give presents to loved ones, and dress my dogs up in precious seasonal attire for a entire year!? I think I would be satisfied with that. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Figuring out the New Years festivities is next. Year before last I was in Colorado skiing. I took "Sally" (that would be my first car... Sally the Solara) all the way with me on a sucessful road trip. We made it to and through the mountains and back. I can't believe she got traded in. Sally made many good impressions on the rough ride I constantly had her on. I believe that girl... I mean car... could have conquered the world! Last New Year I was in Atlanta, Georgia visting friends and that celebration wasn't too shabby either. If I remember correctly I have several videos to prove our bundle of fun. I was fighting some kind of intense flu-like symptoms but remained full force the entire time. Well, until the ride home. I made it a long (!!!!) drive for someone with my complaining the ENTIRE way. Maybe this year none of that sickness mess will visit my body and I can ring in twenty-ten with some kind of fancy fun. All I ask for this year is confetti... and lots of it! For anyone who is unaware-

CONFETTI is my favorite word in the whole wide world. I even made up a super rad song about it on my 21st birthday. If I am ever down in the dumps, which is something I try to keep at the minimun, all you have to do is think confetti. Cover me in it!!!! Throw it everywhere. It makes me the happiest girl on planet earth. And it did the same thing on Jupiter and Pluto when I visited there! Picture yourself covered or if you are o.c.d. picture someone else's place covered with it all in the air.... does it make you smile like it does me?

I'm going to get ready for a night out with friends.



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