Saturday, January 14, 2012

The sister and I left the bungalow {my crib} yesterday only a few small even number of minutes past twelve. After getting stopped (for a good thirty minutes) before we even made it to Luverne due to crazy boring road work we then met the brother to stuff (yes, literally stuff) more things in the tightly packed Reba. You know, adding (more) to a car slam full of tables, a shelf, chairs, a bench, and much much more is so very normal for Marley and I. Needless to say, our day was full force from noon until.... well pretty much now. We didn't return to the bungalow until almost dark tonight. Yes, tonight. After a decent tip to the mariachi band, we had more than the first request of Hotel California played. Of course, ending in the Troy fight song.

With our lips painted red we felt it was only fair to paint the county we were in red, too. And all of the festivities ended slowly at our Memo's house only until homemade waffles were made for us this morning and we were up and at it again. Preparing for big things in store as the first month of the new year is coming up to its half way point.

Happy Saturday. From me (and ziggy) to you.


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