Monday, January 9, 2012

my home's in alabama.

this girl (me, me) loves some "football food".
especially when the cook is as spectacular as the one who just cooked for me.

for my home state

and for all of my friends being {more than} fancy in new orleans tonight- 
yet do not be afraid to celebrate so wonderfully that you
(or the friend whom happens to be standing the closest to your side at the time)
misjudge the location of the bar stool you are aiming your booty towards.

because it is more than a fact that the floors on bourbon street always feel the love of an alabama behind when they hit so hard gracefully....

game face.
is on.

and if i was sitting in a [football themed] steven tyler chair tonight....
i would certainly have no problem sending THIS little football player straight to hollywood.

to the big brother:
i owe a {simple} little love filled birthday shout-out.
only a few days {fashionably} late, but of course.
i hope you are smiling right now, where ever it may be that you are watching the game.


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