Wednesday, June 27, 2012


oh, shucks! new today on ideeli.....

several pair of prada shoes.
several more of christian louboutins.....
and shit you would know.... several jimmy choo's. 

yo, ideeli! how about you catch me at the end of a long day of wearing heels next time and it will really help my checking account. m'kay?!

but no.... you came today.
today where i find myself looking down at my boring and black lucky brand flop flips.
that makes it all the much harder to hold back on a HUGE splurge.

red hot prada.

seriously..... i would put up a fight for these!

i need to quit.
right this second.

i made up for it by paying amore troy a visit and seriously walking away with 6 new pair of cutie shoes (that were ON SALE) score!


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