Thursday, June 30, 2011

File under notes to self....

the world is filled with:
 people who will never understand me,people who will never meet me,people who love me,people who will never believe in me and filled with people who will pull out every dollar they have to bet on my success..

The importance of it all is to know happy and give happy away like it's a multi-million dollar paying job. Respect all ages. Give your dreams the wings that they deserve and let them soar to heaven
And back down to reality before giving up. Stand up for what you believe. If you think crazy is good, pat yourself on the back for living the good life. When in doubt, talk to God for advice. Allow the hard times that are adding a heavy load on your chest to knock you down and cover you in bruises because when you do finally find that your own two feet are strong enough to hold the downward pressure, you should also find the importance of rewarding yourself with a new pair of shoes to walk away from the winner of today. and strut your stuff straight into tomorrow.

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