Monday, June 13, 2011

not to mention alabama needs the rain.

if I can make it through life with a kind heart I feel like it will be a sucessful time spent here on earth. and for the uncertain times i can just roll the dice right across my dining room floor and let everything fall into place.  Sure, this is only my game plan..perhaps just a personal sucess that others might have a different  strategy for..but a sucess to me.we are all in this temporary game of life together, like it or not. Each one looking at a different hand. Some might find it frustrating, far too frustrating to ever comprehend, that  the cards they have a grip on are not a full house and completely give up on the whole entire game....walking out a sore loser with a painfully empty heart. while another might have the cards that are certain to take the money  he put down right out of his close to empty wallet (or sequined clutch,if you insist) and with that certainty of losing a battle,still know that there are dealers all around and if you decide to jump back up off the dustiest grounds, pay your debt and shake things off, you are sure to have the much needed ace resting peacefully in the palm of your hand and chances are, it will be at a time where you needed it the most. Most people use the saying "when it rains it poors" as a negative, poor pitiful me, everything under the sun is going wrong type statement. And i am sure im guilty of walking through those words somewhere along the way in that direction..and if so let me clear my throat and beg to differ on that saying. Because rain is beautiful, storms serve time for some of the best cuddling, my naturally curly hair does its thing but with ephasis added, my rain boots feel that they truly serve a purpose on earth..

 and its always (always) a good dance....

and a very (very) sexy kiss..
when they take place in the rain.    


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