Monday, June 27, 2011

if i could wrap my hands around mr. misunderstood, i would shake the life out of it. but i just cant seem to catch that fast little joker. perhaps if we slowed our thought process down a bit when carrying on a serious conversation, rather than jumping into a cat chases mouse race (or should i say war) we might catch that little stinker, you he is willing to play fair if you just "take it easy baby, make it last all night" and slow things down, discuss in detail, hold face to face conversations, hug a tree even when the limb falls in your path, dance off beat without blaming your partner as bad guidance, get lost in your hometown, wear your shoes on the wrong feet, take a time-out when you need a breather the most, write a to-do list only to lose in your car....and when you hear the land line, answer it anytime after the second ring and before the answering machine picks up, with a friendly hello. Because, after Misunderstood could be on the other end asking for advice on the understanding of it all.  


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