Thursday, September 30, 2010

Change = Good. 
and so is FALL!
Yesterday I painted the upstairs bathroom from a robins egg blue to a very light citrus-y color. I replaced the window valance and kept the details simple. However, I love the change.

I wasn't ready to stop with the changes because I was on a roll. So I didn't. I rearranged the den. Flipped the couches ten different ways and finally came to an end with both couches in a new place. So that totally turned around the area. Score.

Every window in our entire house is open. Hooray for fall! There is something sexy about fresh air blowing in through the windows. The change inside fits perfectly with the change outside....
Now all we are missing are the PUMPKINS! (I was reminded that yesterday by the boyfriend. He surely is on top of his game this Halloween) I picked  up a mum last week so if I can keep Joplin from pouncing on it then the front porch is covered. The mama snuck surprises in my car for me over the weekend. Front door decor, basket, HALLOWEEN PEZ (in memory of my boo kitty boo which made me tear up) and another set of 4 plates matching the others that I bragged blogged about a couple weeks ago.... she hooked a sista up! :-)

ShopStyle says:
the color of fall is camel.
*i support that*

It is a perfect day for a picnic in the park.... Oh wait, I live on the dirty water and do not have a nearby park. So maybe the pier will be picnic proof.

My scarf collection is slowly making its way out of my closet now that the weather is getting cooler.

Oh yall, I love fall.


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