Monday, September 13, 2010

[ yesterday ] was grandparents day. i am very lucky to have two sweet grandmothers and an outstanding grandfather in my life. they are all three so special to me. when i was a little buckaroo in elementary school we always had a "grandparents day" program.  each class had their own way of  honoring grandparents. we would sing songs and make them some kind of craft. the best part? checking out of school at lunch and spending the afternoon with my grandparents. of course i enjoyed singing the cheesy songs and making a craft for them but anything to leave school early was a plus. and with my grandparents. oh heck yea!! after entering high school the teachers obviously felt that the age wasn't as appropriate for us to participate. what nerds. i am still young at heart and if it was up to me i would have put on a sing  [ and dance ] program all about my Meme, Memo and Grandad yesterday. saying "happy grandparents day" just doesn't qualify as enough in my opinion. i mean, not too many years ago they were getting treated with more than a phone call. and i was getting treated with a half day at school. i feel i should start making up a song and dance for them asap. i need tap shoes for this performance. my grandparents are a pretty big deal. maybe my harmonica will just have to do. and ziggy even said she would willlingly do a little dance for her grandparents. they spoil her and she knows it.


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