Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The sister of mine swore up and down that I had a twitter account the other day. She was so sure that I had created an account and forgotten about it. That's untrue. But there is a MalPal2011 or something like that and it is followed by only people from my hometown. Oh and under the info somewhere it says my first and last name. After pointing out a few things the sister finally came to an agreement that it was in fact, not something I had done and forgot about. One of those things being the name choice. MAL-PAL? I have had some peeps call me that in the past (and that is fine) but I have never, i repeat never, referred to myself as Mal Pal. I will leave that to others and stick with calling myself pretend names much cooler... such as Janis. (that is my palm reading name) Anywho, after the twitter confusion, or tweeter as I call it, I found it a must in my near future to have my own.for.real. tweeter name so I can stalk people like Chelsea Handler, Chuy Bravo, The Kardashians and other crazies. Just a little fyi.


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