Thursday, September 23, 2010

This past Tuesday night was the norm for us around here.... we grilled out and followed our tummy fill up with a boat ride. I complained a little later in the night about my tooth hurting. I kid you not.... by the time I got home I thought geeez, this IS a tooth ache and it quickly took over my emotions. I turned in to a massive cry baby. I did not get out of the bed yesterday due to the pain until middle of the afternoon to attmept eating something. Burger King was the closest place to grab something quick. I am not usually a fast food eater unless it is a Chick-Fil-A. I will say this.... the lady in the drive through window had beautiful teeth (they were SO white) and she loved Ziggy, but who doesn't. There was a small problem with the french fries she put in my bag. They tasted like cold buttery pop-corn. I made the boyfriend (who is such a good nurse to me-I am probably the most terrible, whiny, patient alive) taste a fry and he agreed that they tasted like pop-corn. It was strange. Back to the tooth ache. It is the devil and that devil is not wearing prada. I was finally forced to get out of bed and head to the dentist this afternoon. (today I am thankful for having a dentist who is a relative....the squeezed me in) The pain is FINALLY better. It still hurts but nothing compared to what it was doing.  Oh but the news that freaks me out.... I am scheduled for a root canal on the 5th of October. Whaaaaa? Nooooo. WHY?! I had a nerve die. Are you supposed to have a funeral for those things? It stinks. Really really stinks. So from now until then I am in spaz mode freaking out. Seriously. I do not handle these type things in a calm way. A root canal just sounds scary. So in the place of Joran Van Der Slooty Pooty nightmares I'm sure I will wake up sweating about a  dentist dream gone bad.


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