Friday, September 10, 2010


Just please, No Mayo.
It is so much easier to just order things plain Jane.
So I am going to catch you up by keeping it simple.
pictures, duh sillies.
Is it not so much easier? Especially when things get super busy and you tend to lose track of what all the latest with your life is. So here goes.... [no certain order]

....this was a treat for the engineer before he went to a meeting...
curious about what's in the "throw away shot glass"? It's grape salad that my good friend (and personal at home hair dresser) made with me the other night while she did my hair. yes, i love my lifestyle. and my new hair.

Scenes from a sunset cruise casual style.
We were cleaning Bayou Lena (the boat) out in the middle of the dirty water. Pretty smooth move for making an intense cleaning project peaceful if you ask me.

recycled hair bow from my cheerleading days on spirit day. Coach Ward always told me when trying to keep me focused "history repeats itself" salute coach ward, I feel that is the truth.
learning to wake surf? cowboy up and you will never fail.
Scenes from a TROY gameday.

Sometimes you need to cross the state line. If you are feeling lucky, don't hesitate.
This is a birthday treat I made. And I can make more :)
yep, a dip in the dirty water. well, sort of.
ziggy + hoody + shades
oh i die.

I love the vibe I get from Troy Trojans. Especially these two. This is the parentals and myself ready to venture out on Troy's first game.
Gosh, there is so much more. So much.
My cat (which I think is actually a Maine Coon, google it if you are curious) rides the boat with us.... her choice. I've never known a cat to hang like Joplin does.
My grandparents, Mama and Sister visited us on Labor Day. Such a treat.
TROY started the season off with a win.
The sweet sister got to spend a night with me at the dirty water.
I have played my harmonica and bongos alot lately for small crowds.
TQ [a flippin best friend of mine] is coming to BAMA from DENVER in a couple weeks and she is staying for three weeks in Bama. One of which is all mine. Hello, Lady - get ready for the southern ways real quick! the ones you most appreciate, that is!

Tomorrow, peter pan and I will head to Birmingham to stay the night with Kellen and Nick and wake up early Saturday [screaming GAMETIIIIIME] and then head to Tuscaloosa on a charter bus with Davids old college crew. Other than missing Ziggy, very excited I am. New dress? check. Shoes? I'm not a member of that shoe dazzle the dash sisters do.. so no check there. I'm a-ok with making something from my closet now happen, though.

So chances are.... I'm out again at least for a few days. But for you [yes, you] HAPPY WEEKEND. Wear a fresh flower in your hair or a tattoo on your face supporting your favorite team..and act like something magical is happening in your life.
"You've got your whole life to do something and that's not very long" ani difranco


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