Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last time the boyfriend and I went to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta before this weekend our experience was somewhat heart breaking. Okay, pretty darn hard-core heart breaking. But we kept calm and carried on. And last weekend decided to return with a clear head. I haven't shared this story with many but here goes....straight to the point.
Yes, the price paid makes you a tee-bit sick to your tummy. Not to mention that we got all siked, waited in the forever long line anxiously with our friends only to get to the front to hear this beep that matched none of the others when our ticket got scanned and hear the lady say "these tickets are no good". Then we trot through the mile long line filled with excitement of others the wrong way. It was similar to walking a hall of shame. I was so hurt. It would have been our first Phish show, by the way. How could someone (who I am pretty positive could care less about good music) do something so terrible to a couple of music lovers. They don't understand what pain this causes. Instead they just take the money and run. I get worked up telling this story and this blog is supposed to be my happy place. So with the bad part of the story being told (I'm serious when I say it was a upset to both of us) I will explain what I took from this particular experience. The world we live in today is, so unfortunately, filled with untrustworthy people. I have a hard time with understanding how dishonesty could play such a strong role is some peoples life. It really opens my green eyes to the things worth appreciating though. Yes, there is alot of bad that we are faced with. But there is good. You just have to tip-toe around all the bad and dance with the good. When you are faced with a situation dealing with the bad (insert the most recent hurtful situation you have been in here....big or small...and apply it) and choose to quietly bypass around it and search for the good it's always a dance party. Situations are not always in your control. If you don't like the surroundings you are faced with it's important to remember the appropriate time to tip-toe until you find that happy place...  a place with smiling facing and dancing shoes! The good doesn't come easy but the adventure getting there is always a ride with a valuable lesson. Don't stop and settle with the bad when you can keep on trucking and find the good. Life is too short to be anything but happy. And that is just what we did after purchasing fake tickets to Phish. Daivd and I both had our heads held super low but it didn't last long. I wasn't going to let it. On the way back to our car I spotted a girl standing by herself with this "i just bought fake phish tickets" look on her face. Me being the friendly girl I am said to her "what's wrong? did you just by fake tickets, too?" YES! She did. I called it! So we convinced her very mad/sad husband to get out of the car and the four of us pulled the lawn chairs out of their trunk and sat in the parking lot and became the best of friends that night. We had a blast. It wasn't easy when we would recognize a really good song coming from the amphitheater so to steer clear of getting upset we would just crank up Widespread Panic (yes, in the parking lot of a phish concert) to remind us that (ironically) we all have a huge common ground of loving Panic and can make a party out of the situation. it is possible to make a party out of ANY situation. I believe it.


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