Monday, October 4, 2010

Being honest: (because that is the easiest thing for me)
I'm not caught up in what our culture thinks is important.
I don't have a maid. Don't care for one. Most of the time I enjoy cleaning.
I don't have an iphone. I take calls on my (second) hand-me-down crack blackberry.
I have never been the girl that is rushing to get married (and have kids) because "everyone else their age" is doing it. Divorce rate is too high to rush something that life-changing. Though I am very fortunate to have met my soulmate at the age 24.
Climbing the corporate ladder, job jumping again and again... only to make a certain amount of moo-lah is not a priority of mine.

READ: I am not saying any of the above are wrong. What I am saying is that I do not have to live that life.

What works for me doesn't have to work for others and what works for others does not have to work for me. Life is not always a fairytale. But me being the dreamer that I am, there isn't a sole out there that can stop me in believing that I can't always make my own fairytales.
I can do whatevertheheck I wanna do! There are alot of people that simply do not "get me". They never will. But I know without a doubt my family and friends love me. It has taken me a decade-ish forever to realize that they don't have to get me. They love me and respect me. Yes, I stress the heck outta them sometimes with my totally different perspective of life. I have learned to be myself and love myself. I have learned that happiness does not depend on money. I have learned what makes me tick but also to forgive when I need to forgive. I remind myself frequently to give love, keep dreaming, do what makes me happy and just be me. One day, it will all go down in history so I want the story told to be glorious.



  1. You and your mancandy- are going to kill me. Just kindly remind him, of how much alike the two of us are- and we aren't the best "planners" but I will be making my way to Bama- just need to hold the fort down in Cola-rada a little longer.

  2. I am a very forgiving person.
    Sad, yes. But forgiving.
    So I will just play hop-scotch by myself until you make your way south.