Sunday, October 24, 2010

i feel i should tell you.

i am making drastic changes in my life. my head is pointed up....
so no worries there, kiddos.i'm onto something good. 
i am venturing out to travel my own road. 
did you hear that? my very own road. this journey is only a few days old. so far, so good. though, i do realize there are bad days ahead that i will have to face. duh. that is life. something i can sum up in three words, it goes on. 

the pooch and i moved away from the dirty water. and surprisingly, we can already see a picture that is more clear. 

what's next? who knows. like i said, i am onto something good. good just takes time. it is a well-worth it wait. right now, i am just happy with the gift of today. 

so, if you are stalking this bloggy i ask that you prepare yourself....for this journey is going to be wild. and crazy. and i think you just might like it. i might have gotten lost in the country but that doesn't mean i cant find my way to a town to paint red. 




  1. Or paint this Colorado sky red! Meadow and I have a place for you and ziggy-poo. I love you more than you'll ever know lady. "He lied- he cheated- and he stole from me" get out here in your bright colors and pay your bills! I'll dress you somethin sweet in me closet! I love you!

  2. "he lied. he cheated. and he stole from me"

    funny how that statement will always work with something going on in our lives. forever. that just made me laugh. and ziggy nodded of approval for my weird laugh that just came out. coming to see you soon, maam. i love you!

  3. I love you too. soooooooooooooo much!