Sunday, October 24, 2010

my style saturday (this month, anyway)
right now i am content with the straight up taking it easy....

Friday afternoon I put Reba to work and steered her in the direction of Birmingham. I stayed in one spot, without any (I repeat, any) desire to jump from place to place. And seriously, I just took it easy, greasy.

Saturday - it felt good to be around an Auburn fan. I am saying this (mainly) because TROY had an off weekend. After Cam the tigers did their thing the focus was on "couples retreat" and then onto another movie following that. The 2nd movie was about robots. All. About. Robots. It would be impossible to have counted how many questions I had throughout the entire 2 hour movie. Who noticed that MALLORY watched TWO MOVIES and as if that isn't enough alone... Who noticed that I have not mentioned falling asleep during either one. There is one small problem, though. Tonight I feel like the lamp on my bed side table is  a robot. It's freaking me out. I knew that darn robot movie was going to cause some serious issues after it was all said and done. What do you know, I was right. Please don't come trick or treat at my house this year if you are planning on dressing as a robot. I will only give you ketchup/mayo/mustard packets from Mickey D's. No candy for robots. Not until my fear moves its focus elsewhere anyway.


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