Monday, October 4, 2010

I woke up a good ten times throughout the night due to the freezing frozen tempature my body was. I would feel my nose each time to make sure it was not just a fake feeling my brain was coming up with to annoy me. Nope, it was the real deal. My nose was ice, ice baby and my body was just a shaking. I was, indeed, too tired to get out of the bed to close the windows in the bedroom. Plus, I knew closing those off would only help a small amount because the rest of the house has windows up and cold (!!!!) air blowing in. Early this morning I woke up and made a deal with myself. I didn't want to jump straight to turning the heater on so I decided that if after closing every window in the house I would turn the heater on. Here is my (pointless) point of the story.... The heater is on and I LOVE THE WAY IT SMELLS when it is turned on the first time of the year. Now, Ziggy and I can feel our noses without following up with the Ice, Ice Baby dance. Whew, that was getting old. Now we are stuck back on "Who let the dogs out". Happy Monday.


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