Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fish Fry.

It's Sunday and I heard something about fish and a fry daddy. Also, there is some mushy looking hush puppy wanna b's waiting to be cooked. We shall see.

Ziggy (she isn't the hush puppy I was talking about, either) decided to do everything but keep things on the hush hush side of the world today. If anything, she kept her Mama on her toes. Ziggy decided to make her mother SCREAM. And nearly throw up.(not the one who gave birth to her.... the mother who loves her and takes very good care of her) Ziggy chose to roll around in what appeared to smell and look like poop before she entered into David's home middle of this afternoon. Cool. Reminder: Alabama's weather has been more on the Michigan side this January. The outside bath that was required before she was allowed in the house was flippin' freezing. Pee.Ess. I think she even knew herself how yucky she was smelling prior to her first bath. Yes, I've had her two months and been unsuccessful at bathing her. It's not everyday that Ziggy allows hippie baths to happen. I'm just saying..... She's hard to handle!

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