Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty-Ten, My friend!

A windy walk this afternoon with a best friend (who is preggers, by the way) was just what I needed. We talked, walked and talked some more. Girly stuff, Not so girly stuff and then some. I believe we covered a little bit of it all. Things this year are going to be different and I strongly believe it's going to be a change for the best. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a change is there? Especially if it is one for the better. I'm still working on my New Years resolution list. Surprise surprise, I'm running late on jotting down a few things that I want to personally improve/change/quit/start ect... What do ya know? Being on top of things in a timely order is not on my list to-be so I think it's okay that my resolutions will come a day or two after the 1st. When I get my act together this magazine I pretend to have will be the home for my resolution list. Until then, Happy New Year! Twenty-Ten sounds way to good to not look forward to what it has in store. I think it's going to be an adventurous, AND this girl is ready.... strapped in with her hands in the air! I think I might even be squealing like a scared ten year old on a roller coaster that flips four times in the short two minutes the ride lasts. That is, minus the fear of course! My squeals are just a little splash of false advertisement because I am NOT scared!


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