Monday, January 18, 2010

wrapping up one weekend and plotting the next

All that needs to be told-
Maliboo beat Mr. Cata in bowling.

Fran, a good friend of mine, had a party thrown for her on Saturday celebrating her marriage. The party was across the street from my parents house so we had a small crew gather prior to the celebration and walk over together dodging the rain drops being thrown down at us. The Check Spellinggathering was nice and it was great to see my sweet Fran. We visited the Front Porch for a little after party.

Sister's Restaurant lunch buffet and later that night a fishy fry with friends.

No class for me thanks to someone having a dream a long time ago. It's a beautiful day outside. If I wasn't so scared Ziggy would get back into that disaster of a mess she found yesterday we would have been outside enjoying ourselves all day. Instead, I'm watching her snooze and listening to her snore on the couch. We have taken our outside adventures in small portions at a time today.

Head to Montgomery, Alabama to a reception for Whitney Griffin celebrating her recent marriage. What to wear, what to wear!??!!

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