Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My past weekend was splendid! Destin, Florida was the location. I shared it with someone very special and met some great people.

Here's some things the few days away consisted of:

*Camilles - I'll take some sushi, seawood salad and sake, please!

*Funky Blues Shack for some live music... which is always fun

*competitive game of horse shoes on the beach with not a sole in sight other than our crew.

* Alabama won a national championship and I shared the excitement for my home state

* a sweet afternoon walk

* a visit to a book store two days short of closing for good...with everything $1

* discovered someones hidden home (a tent in the woods)

* scratch off fun.. no wins made it back to Bama, sadly..

And of course, the ride to and from were filled with jams that moved my soul, talks of upcoming Jupiter visits, potty breaks every 20 miles, and smiles swapped frequently.

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