Friday, January 22, 2010

My windows will be rolled down all day!

The weather is unbelievable today. It makes my craving for summer expand to one I often get for sushi. (That's huge if you didn't know) In case you were wondering what jams I will be blaring... I'm going to say it's WSP day for my music choice. And lucky for me, I just got the New Years show from this year and it's ready to be inserted into Reba's cd player!

Last night I talked to an oldie, but goodie, friend that I met in Breckenridge when I lived out there. AND GUESS WHAT.... He lives in Boca, Florida now and this lucky girl ( me me me me ) will be thirty minutes away from there next weekend. That makes my excitement about the little road trip even more intense.

Insert this image in your head - Miss Mallory jumping up and down, bouncing around, huge smile that looks similar a 10 year old, barefoot, and when she chills out with the insane jumping she sits down to have a bongo beat mix prepared just for you.

I hope you have a very fab Friday! I'm sure glad the weekend is here! =)
love, m

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