Saturday, January 1, 2011

as four hundred plus balloons fell from the ceiling at midnight to ring in twenty eleven i felt a rush of excitement through my body.... i did not have a care in the world about the money attached to the balloons nor did the "popping" noises even phase me.... (which usually make me cringe)

this is going to be a damn fine fabulous year. 
nobody is going to hold me back from one single thing.
(mark my word)

 this is a year to surround yourself with nothing less of true happiness. 
and of course, a whole bunch of sillyness. 
 this is a year to stay away from all things evil. 
that was made for twenty ten. and twenty ten is done, son. 
{thank goodness}

 i believe in being bossy this year. 
this is day one. 
 if all else fails....
get up there close to the band and make something happen.

  tq is back. in bammy. so that alone is worth celebrating.
put feathers in your hair, this friendship is totally worth it. 
hey you. see that smile?
i deserve it.
i hope everyone had a fun new years eve. and even more i hope you are blessed with a very special two thousand and eleven. i am going to spend my year dramatically different than twenty ten. all things new. ready or not, here i come. i am going to dance my way through the year. 


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