Sunday, January 16, 2011

guess who??!!
it's ziggy, duh! well.... mama let me stay up until midnight to tell you all a story. she said i had to make it quick because she has to catch up on some beauty rest.... so here goes.

mom and i went on a nice adventure today. we ran some, we walked some. and of course, we talked. i saw some other big dogs.... turned my nose up at them quite like a snob. but not on purpose, i promise.... i just got annoyed at them for barking (i mean, crazy barking too) at me. seriously, whats a dog like me gotta do to keep the cardio on the dl. they got the whole neighborhood looking out the windows. mom wasnt wanting to be in the spotlight either while running i dont think. something about not having a sports bra on and only a regular bra?? who knows what thats all about. she is a nut sometimes. anyway.... i am going to miss mom tomorrow because she is going all the way to a different state i think. i dont want to talk about it because it makes me so sad. but i do know she is up to something good. and usually i get special treats when she returns back to boring alabama so that is always nice. well, thats all folks. i am going to snuggle back up close to mom for some beauty rest and sweet dreams.
oh.... dont worry. if i am too lazy and dont take my eye liner off, its okay. it totally never breaks my face out or anything. in fact.... it doesn't really even smear throughout the night. so i just add to it the next morning if need be.
goodnight, nuggets.
have a great week.


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