Sunday, January 16, 2011

when chatting with my aunt harriett earlier in the night she mentioned baking cupcakes tomorrow.
im not normally one to have a sweet tooth.... i usually will gently elbow my way through to the salty.
tonight is a different story. all i can think about after the cupcake discussion is this....these.... yum.
a couple of them for myself and the remainder to share with a friend.
warm and extra chewy.
with a glass of milk.
(add four ice cubes if you want to know a secret way to impress me much)

oh and one more thing.... the only time i prefer drinking out of a glass cup is when drinking milk.
that is...if you are interested in writing that little note down. 
as for any other drink.... i prefer acrylic and hate glass.
call me weird. its alright with me.


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