Saturday, January 1, 2011

this is for my sister:

many of you are probably curious as to what in the world this
polar pop photo is all about.
oh, i can answer that. piece of cupcake.

stop by a circle k and for only 59 tiny little cent you can grab yourself an 
insanely large soft drink of your choice. 59 cent? like 64 {give or take} with tax. the cup is so large and in charge it does not fit in the cup holder without making some ninja like special adjustments.only the most unhealthy thirst quenching route known to mankind. like 32 ounces. of soda. did you get that?

we will keep it secret that marley and i had two while on the last road trip to the nearest newest forever 21.


ps - if this helps.... we do both drink diet at least.

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