Sunday, January 16, 2011

two things that have really shaped me as the individual i am today:
 -being with the wrong person.
 -allowing someone completely into my life only to knock me down with lies.

{stating the obvious}
immediately afterward i was devastated.
but i got up off the ground i was knocked down upon.
wiped the dust off my booty and scrambled through my make-up collection for the ole' trusty tube of red lipstick.... for brighter days lips, of course.

time has passed and i have came to realize this:
i was honest. always.
and never fell short of complete honesty, on my part.
i loved like i knew how to love.
i was kind. (i mean, i'd hate to make a "grown man" cry)
did i mention being honest? and the importance of being honest?

well all of the above is all that matters.
because i learned A LOT. 

so.... consider me a smarter person now.

i will be the long haired blonde, wearing red cowgirl boots, a smirky little smile and with my green eyes looking up towards the sky.... 
 thanking the big man above for guiding me in a new direction....
the right direction.

one that is better for the soul. 
for i am ready to shine....



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