Sunday, January 9, 2011

hey guys. 
it's me, ziggy. 

my mom told me since its a new year and i have "grown up" a little that i could start blogging more often. i hope thats okay with everyone. mom has me wearing my hoody today because these nuts here in alabama are freaking out about some ice storm or something. ive heard there are no batteries and no bread at wally world. lucky for me, santa brought me tons of treats and i still have plenty if by chance we do get stuck inside... or whatever it is they are worried about and stocking up for. it doesnt make too much sense to me. im just here for the party. doesnt an ice storm warning sound like a good reason for a party? ive attended a few tornado parties in my past anyway. moms friend kellen came to the house earlier today. she always begs to take me home with her. i know i would have so much fun but would only go if mom went with me. im addicted to her love and she is my best friend. besides, we made a pinky promise "in the beginning" that we were a team. and we go everywhere together and always will. we are going shopping for a new address on tuesday and i cant tell you how excited i am about that.

speaking of shopping.... here take a look. i have some pictures from my shopping trip last week to share.
i love the pez dispenser for treats. mom said "maybe next time" grrr... i hate it when she says those three words. i may or may not have growled at a mixed dog with a cute guy walking it to have deserved the "maybe next time" crap. i think mom was really just hoping that pooch and i would love each other to have a good conversation starter with the cute owner. oops! i will keep that in mind next trip.
 oh how i love a good bone. i am a well behaved pooch (most always) you know so i get lots of them.
yummy. treats galore!

it is going to be a wonderful year. and you party animals should be excited that mom has given me permission to blog on the days i am extra calm for her. she says as long as i dont dance on the keyboard that she wont even stand over my shoulder to supervise what im typing. so i can go crazy with this bloggy thing. have a happy sunday. i like to dance so wish me luck with keeping it calm and away from the keyboard so i can blog again soon. see ya later tator tots.


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