Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten years ago today heaven welcomed a dear friend, a beautiful soul, and my other half on the basketball court. Lauren and I were always told that while playing guard together it was like a left and right arm..... it wasn't complete without both of us on the court at the same time. We were a great pair, on and off the basketball court. Memories of Lauren so often swirl through my head.

Ten years ago today.... ten years ago. {sigh} Such an unbelievably tough day for a whole bunch of people who knew (and really, really loved) Lauren.  That is a hug I cant wait to receive when I get to heaven.

Whew.... now I have to wipe the tears from my cheeks. I was just telling my grandmother the other day that ten years was coming up (of course, she remembered.) and how hard it was to believe. So instead of being gloomy on this yucky day lets all dance in the rain for Lauren. Wipe away the tears, turn up the happy jams, ( Lauren requests, with a laugh, some old school Westside Connection) and share a memory with someone special from ten years ago. Even if you don't know Lauren.... think about what was going on in your life ten years ago and remember a happy memory and share it with someone, anyone.

To Lauren, I love and Miss you.
And just for you - It's westside connection all day!


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  1. What an emotional day/night that was 10 years ago. That was one of the longest rides to Eufaula after I got the phone call. I remember watching you play and trying to act like nothing was going on...you knew something wasn't right. You kept going to sit by Coach Ward when you went to the bench. I can still see you going to your knees on the court and Coach Wheeler having to help me get you up. Lauren was a very special person to our family and someone none of us will forget. The two of you did "go together" in many ways. You had a special bond that will forever be in your heart. And yes...you will meet again. I hope you did do a very happy dance for Lauren today. That is what she would have wanted.