Friday, January 21, 2011

happy friday, stalkers!
i hope you guys have a weekend filled with laughter and good music.

capturing moments from early morning adventures....

and quite possibly i am going to continue capturing some from the late night scene.
this weekend i plan on making memories. some to share and some to stay secret.
life is good. to first time visitors.... welcome to my spot where i share a small portion of my thoughts. honestly is a policy here. sometimes too blunt for others to handle without the filtering but i've been living this life since 85 and i like my style. so i will keep it up and not just pass through but actually live in it. 

life is short so get it while you can.... 
make the things you want in life come to reality. surround yourself with sparkles if that tickles your fancy. make a toast with the best friends you have, extra bubbly if you please.... sure, I live recklessly and take some hell----ooo chances. Bring it....
make this weekend exactly what you want. if you are served an unexpected disappointment.... take a time out to write down a long list of the things you are thankful for. {little or huge} because being thankful for what you DO have is brutally important.


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