Monday, April 12, 2010

Back from Pensacola Beach, Happy Monday!
Our weekend was sunny and funny!
It was more than tempting to stay for a few extra days and ride Paul's boat over to New Orleans just to have it running before he goes back to Africa.... but because of Wanee this coming week-end it was best that we are back here in this little town on this little Monday doing the same ole' routine. We picked Ziggy up at my parents yesterday and stayed for dinner. Oh and might I give you an update on how Ziggy behaved during her visit to the grandparents? -Dad looked out to see Ziggy just chillin in our fish pond. Drinking the water. Ummmm, I told you in a previous post she doesn't like clean water. The fish pond is right by the pool basically and like always, we have an extremely clean and kept-up pool year round. She totally chose the dirty water.... Mama said, "Ziggy GET OUT of the fish pond" And with that sweet innocent look she jumped out! Ziggy is over the front yard parties that she used to have daily and now into the back yard. She pulled off all the cushion on the patio furniture and moved them on the sidewalk right where she wanted them. What can I say? Maybe she wanted to sun bath comfortably? Who knows. BUT THE GOOD NEWS- that is all the stories Mama shared with me so I would consider that angel status for her weekend. I mean obviously, because Ziggy was sent home with a new collar AND treats.

 Sitting out back by the pool at my parents house while Dad has something on the grill is a huge "hellllooooo summer" to me. It was a beautiful afternoon. You know, the ones when you absolutely HATE leaving the beach.  Dad grilled chicken, had field peas and some kind of cajun like rice stuff. No surprise, supper was yummy. Mama sent a goodie bag home with me and some plants (which I can't thank her for because it's bad luck) I hope to plant some today if the weather pooch allows me!


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