Thursday, April 22, 2010

I just sat my patootie down for the first time today.
Well, that is..... the first time minus sitting for that delicious lunch I had at The Charter House.
I painted upstairs. ( story. of. my. life. here. lately. huh. )
No, it's not a profession. Just an obsession sorta thing.
My brain almost tells me it's way past tired to even think and type.
But, I'm going to try making sense with a couple of things....

So, here goes....
 Back to Wanee. Might I try giving you a description....(easier said than done) I will save the remainder of pictures for a spontaneous post when you least expect it.... perhaps two months from now!

It was a sight to behold.
The drum circles beating a steady rhythm were constant after the concerts ended and continued on through the remainder of the night until daylight..... all of this took place right across from our tent. Which I loved that because bongos are one of my favorite sounds. Not to mention it was all taking place around one of my favorite sights... a good campfire.
The weekend was filled with character everywhere.
Dreadlocked girls with hula hoops dancing along.
We experienced a festival filled with wonderful music.
Smiles surrounding you the entire time.
The four days were full force and with no complaints.... other than the porta-potty situation!

David and I both are already speaking of NEXT YEAR!


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