Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There was that one time Daddy let me on a lawn mower (brand new one might I add) I ran over a stump and messed up something on the underside. I've had a fear since that incident and never really wanted to get back on one of those things. It all started with the turtle and rabbit button that sparked my interest anyway....

The people who know me very well will appreciate this story. It is similiar to me driving down to Gator Grocery to get a random man to pull a tick off Ziggy because I was scared.....
alot like me pouting to the mechanics in Destin for two new tires because I chose to spend my money (not so wisely) shopping and then realized how bad I needed new tires after my shopping spree. And yes, I walked away with two new tires. Fo' Free.
Gah.... these stories have to stop now because they could go on for entirely too long and some might be more than you can handle.

BEFORE YOU STROKE OUT MAMA - I am now safe and inside with the doors locked. (obviously b/c I'm blogging about it)

I walked outside after hearing Ziggy Boo barking like crazy. There was an old car pulling a trailor with a lawn mower. (yes, I said car) Perfect. The driver got out and tried to make friends with Ziggy. He looked like a good ole' nice country man that would knock out the tall grass in no time if I asked him nicely. I asked. He said sure. BINGO!  As I was walking inside he shouted at me "Hey, what about the back yard?" Ha! Most of you don't know but our back yard is like woods... with a trail to the lake.... and trees everywhere. No grass. I should have suggested he go on a snake hunt and make them all go away! Geez I have GOT to get over that fear just a little bit living out here. We are living on the water AND out in the "wild" as prissy Allie Adams says when she is at Memo and Grandad's. Anywho, yay for cut grass!



  1. So, did you get the grass cut "Fo' Free"????

  2. Allie thinks anywhere without a Target is "the wild." :)