Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have I ever told anyone that my life is a beautiful mess?
Well, to say the least - it is.

A perfect example....

So I'm packing away and organizing my little heart out for our trip this weekend. (Which, by the way I think I have talked the boy-frand into leaving tomorrow) We thought about taking our tiki torches. I opened the "junk" closet to get the oil for them only to find that when I had put the white paint up last week I did so UPSIDE down. Yep, that's right.... I'm sure you guessed it. I also didn't hammer that joker shut enough to keep the upside down (expensive!!!!) paint closed in tight. Cool. I debated on even telling David until I realized that I had it all over me and one of my favorite tee's that he gave me so that was pretty much the giver- fess up about the spill!

That small hole to the left of the can is where I picked the tiki torch fluid up.... yet somehow I didn't notice the white disaster until I thought my hands were "sticky" and looked down to see white paint....

So much for packing for Wannee at a decent hour.
I'm way to frugal and have freaked out since I purchased this paint like two weeks ago for it to go to waste.
So, what am I doing?
Painting any little doo-dad I can find around here WHITE!
Before you think I am totally nuts, let me explain.
There IS a bedroom upstairs that I was already in the process of decorating in all white....
Well, lucky me! That's where the white mess is.
Imagine this...
I'm bringing random things into that room trying to rescue as much of the spill before I clean it up.
So far I have de-colored about five items.

Anyway, just thought I would share.
Unfortunately I am slam out of things to paint at this point so it's time to attempt the cleaning process.


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