Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm back. Yes, again so soon.
And I'm a little disappointed to be back blogging this quickly. (no offense to my few sweet readers)

See what had happened was.....
The curtains that are in the den upstairs are up and hanging because I have no patience. I meant, by golly, I was going to teach myself sometime last week how to use the boyfriends electric screwdriver. Well, at least that is what I think I was using. No really, I'm almost positive it was. Anyway, the bad boys were up and looking good.

David gets home...
 picks up the screwdriver (I suppose) and does the same thing I was doing....
 he made it look way easier than I did.
I caught him kind of smile after putting down the "tool" and walking away.

Wellll, I had to ask why the smile and here is his response.
"Baby, you did good."
I knew that was said in a way similiar to one if I'd burnt supper and he told me it was good knowing it wasn't even close to okay. So I said...
"No, really... what did I do wrong?"
David said:
"Nothing really,precious. I was just going to try screwing them in all the way but realized you stripped the screws"

 Woo-hoo! So we have curtains that are hanging thanks to the help of naked screws!! Awesome.

When I just went downstairs to hang more curtains in a bedroom I had a flashback. How was I supposed to keep these screws dressed? I stomped around, picked up the scary electric tool, and talked myself into marching back up the stairs walking away from a project that I could totally mess up.... again.

Oh and for the ones who have never used one of those things and think I'm an idiot....please don't. Try using one first. I thought I did great until I later found out that the curtain rod is like... umm lets see, stuck in the wall! Thanks naked screws. (which, by the way is not where I even want it placed and I didn't notice that until AFTER staring at it for a week)  


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  1. The curtains look very, very good even with the naked screws! I'm proud of you!