Friday, April 9, 2010

It's time for the usual..........


Oh how I love the weekend. Especially ones that include a beach trip. David and I are leaving in the morning to head to Pensacola Beach. I'm going to miss my sweet Ziggy, though. She is going to stay with the grandparents in Troy and I am saying a little prayer that she doesn't show out and turn into a devil dog like she has the tendacy to do when I leave her. Gah, I can't imagine when I have "real" kids of my own. (yes, I consider Ziggy a kid most of the time) It will probably take me more than six months before I even leave sight of the baby. That's my thoughts seeing how I am about my "child" now. Ziggy is attached to my hip pretty much always and when she's not I'm constantly worried about her.

Note to the weekend babysitters:

Dear G-ma Stell and G-dad Mick,

Ziggy is an angel when you allow her to do human things. Ex.-get on furniture, eat inside at the table.... Go grocery shopping with you, and anything else humans do...
Ziggy turns into a devil dog when you treat her like a pooch. She doesn't like being alone and doesn't think she needs any rules.

If you have any questions, just call David. He will gladly help you with any Zig advice.


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