Friday, April 9, 2010

i do believe david got his "old man pants" nickname from me when he secretly got his feelings hurt when birds never came to our feeder that we have had out for several months now. so mama brought us a hummingbird feeder and a few days after we put it up the bottom fell out and of course, so did the sugar water.... which by the way, was colored thanks to red sprinkles instead of food coloring. hey, you have got to make do with what you have in the pantry when the closest "store" around you charges an arm and a leg for something teeny tiny. (Yes Gator Grocery, I'm talking about you guys) Anyway, back to the hummingbird feeder spill. David was planning on pressure washing the porch so we didn't fill the feeder back up at the time. Well, our luck- that day a little squirt hummingbird CAME. CHECKED OUT OUR FEEDER WITH NOT A DROP OF FOOD and.... sadly flew away. It was the first one we had seen, too. So of course I get all sad thinking we are terrible people for having a feeder with ZERO food and those little twirps come ALL THE WAY from somewhere in  SOUTH AMERICA and they find an empty feeder. I want to be like my parents and grandparents and in some kind of non-freak-of-nature way spoil our birds. True story. I do. So I shared the sad story at Easter to my family and I was told "that was the scout bird so you guys probably won't have anymore come this year" Devistated, I just knew that couldn't be true. Surely there was more than just one scout?! And surely they were only joking about that because they knew it was somewhat odd to find me so into this new hobby sort of thing. It was like nothing I have ever had interest in before. Birds?! Are you kidding?! In fact, all throughout highschool I was SCARED of birds. I had this fear that if a bird didn't like you or got mad at something it could come down, peck a hole in your head and fly above you in a na-na-na-nah-boo-booo kind of way laughing at the hole in your head.... OR- the shit poop on your shoulder.  

ANY. WAY. geez.
 I just realized that I've shared lots of "sweet nothings" in this post and need to get to the point and SHUT IT and get loaded up for Troy.

(this is the point of all that rambling above)

i finally saw a cute little hummingbird eating out of our feeder this morning.
Boo-Ya! If there even is such as a hummingbird scout... our scout had faith that we were only temporarily out of food. And knew that throughout the remainder of the time they are flapping those tiny little wings 99 times per second that WE ARE GOING TO SPOIL THEM. And always keep the red sprinkles, water and sugar filled for them!


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