Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanee, Baby!
Don't be jealous.... just get pumped and go next year!

Ziggy wanted to go to Wanee, too!

And we are off.... heading in Wanee-Ville direction!

( finally....  after I tracked down my I.D. and we made 22 stops around the city of Troy )

A good thing to have? TICKETS!

( this was what I gave the boyfriend for Valentine's Day.... he deserved this and more becuase he's pretty darn sweet to me... you know - the cheese to my macaroni kind of deserving! )

It's Wednesday night and we are feeling alright....

Wanee or not.... HERE WE COME!

I SEE what's shakin' on shakedown street... do you?

I spy.... the boyfriends initials.

This is no 5 star but it's going to be close when I'm finished..

Old school.... gets the job done!

(personal) Chef Boy D.C.

See... I told you it was as close to five-star as possible in the woods!

Walking to the Suwanee River.... which is the color of COFFEE might I add...

Our gang - Day 2 for David and I and Day 1 for Ginny and Bryant.

Oh - the fear of mine!

Can you tell I am extremely relieved to be outta that monster! And will you pat me on the back in the blog world for using these an entire weekend plus a couple days!

Another day another (five) dollar (beer)....

Friday Fun - please don't drain us Sun.... we need energy! Well, the old man pants does anyway! =)

"Havin' a good time!"

Did I ever tell you that I have the cutest boyfriend? Well, I do. Hands down.

Oh and... he's fun too!

Lookie lookie - I have a "Wanee Rock" but it's not for sale!

The Girlies.

The Brothers.

The Hammock Hunnie Bunnies.

OKAY.... there is one million more to add to the festivities from Wanee. So, please allow me to make this an all afternoon or possibly two day project. I'm getting antsy and so is my pooch. She is ready to get out in the sun. I've been sick so the sun won't have my time for long today, unfortunately. I'll be back for more, yo!


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