Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And for the story....

I got mail from Tiffany. She is the kind of friend that knows me. REALLY knows me.

The package included two burned C.D.'s
which, by the way...... from her - BURNED CD'S ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! 
and she wrote:

"Dear Mal Mag,
I'm writing to tell you all about this fancy lady that I met. It was Josheph's birthday and his friend from Iowa was in Denver with his girlfriend, who was playing shows there and in Boulder. Well, we went to see her perform. And she blew me away. We had some drinks and food and talked about music. Not to mention her stating that Ani Difranco was one of her biggest influences. So, I let Miss Lauren (at the young age of 22) know that I would send her amazing c.d. out into my world of music lovers. And I couldn't just send ONE lonesome C.D. in your package - knowing that you hate odd numbers. So I threw in a little mixy mix to make the package an even two. I like to imagine you and your cute boyfriend playing your new c.d. by the campfire with those groovy Alabama cats that I miss!! As for Miss Lauren, her C.D. is wanting to be played with Mrs. Stella and Mickey while he whips up a great meal! I sure do miss your guts and need to find my soul making it's way to Bama!! Enjoy my love! =)

Okay. So i will fill you crazies in....
Tifany / TQ is one of my very best friends. 
She knows (and understands) my soul. 
hints- she knew better than sending me just one c.d. because of my OCD with odd numbers.
Lauren Shera - referred to in TQ's letter as Miss Lauren. Ummm, she's amazing. I deep cleaned today (like dusted base boards and such) while listening to her and got lost in the moment. It got played time and time again needless to say. And then of course an awesome mixy mix burned by TQ was the same, amazing and got played time and time again. 

FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC.... And our friendship..... COME SEE ME TIFFANY! Please. I'm begging you.




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