Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I wasn't lying when I said Ziggy approved. Oh, and Joplin is crazy in love with Ziggy. But I mean.... for real.... how couldn't you love Zig?

They are seriously entertaining together. I just hope that Joplin continues allowing Ziggy to push her (with her nose/whole head) across the porch at any time, any speed. She just purrs like a motor boat. It's a loud purr, too. I can even hear it when Joplin's whole head is (gently) in Ziggy's mouth. They are flippin' cute new bff's.

I'm like a peeping TOM Mom when these two are outside on the front porch together. And even unattended they are still so sweet to one another.

They eat out of the same bowl. Whaaaa? I didn't know cats and dogs normally did that.

Anywho... I personally think it's super duper cute. And I'm pretty sure you would as well. The only mini problem there has been so far was quickly cleared up. Ziggy made sure of a few things... the main things being that Joplin never got to sleep inside, ride the boat, go to the gator grocery and such. No worries Ziggy! None of that will be a problem.


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  1. Yep, no worries Zigs....kitty cat isn't going to receive your treatment