Tuesday, August 31, 2010

good tune tuesday.
Susan Tedeschi is a beautiful woman with bookoodles of soul. Seeing her live was a prefect touch to {my first}  Wannee Music Festival. Listen to this beautiful song while I share this story memory.  [that is....if you can do those two things at once]

The boyfriend and I just relaxed in a hammock tied from one gorgeous tree to another with my head rested on his chest and his arms wrapped around me and in that moment.... it felt so right. You guys, this place was full of beauty. The art around you seemed surreal at times. The huge trees with lights guiding your eyes to the tip top branch, the music (!!!!!!!!!!), the kind people, the love in the air (love for the company with you and love for the music), the hot days turned cooler nights for the little rest you got in the tent, the bongos going crazy and all through the night, the smell of campfires, the free spirits, hula-hoops, and the escape from all worries. Yes, it felt damn good to get a shower and sleep in my bed when I returned back to reality but the time away was a weekend full of art.... The kind of art that you will forever display in your own personal museum. I like to call it my "Memory Museum".


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