Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here is some rambling for you guys and in no certain order.... 
I had a Happy Hump Day. Did you?
I went to Troy with the boyfriend and we both worked.
I cut hair and helped David with some engineering jazz, no jokes. Lunch for two at the Pig Cafe.
We got to spend some time with my purdy Mama and handsome Daddy.Always a plus.
Ziggy be-bopped along with us, of course.
Tomorrow we are having a lovely house full over for dinner. Oh, shenanigan's ahead.
This weekend, Kellen, one of my very best friends is coming to visit from Birmingham. Hyper happy!
We chose a boat ride over cooking last night and settled for a party platter and cupcakes. It's legal.
Bayou-Lena floated the dirty water with the total of 12 last night... And two pooches, so actually 14.
I'm about to watch Chelsea Lately and hopefully crash. Because I am exhausted and have some money to make tomorrow.... And it requires me getting up flippin' early. Eeek. Good Night, nuggets.


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