Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this probably made me laugh more than most people but that's okay. laughing is a good thing. in fact it reminds me of the one time I got a round brush stuck in my hair (right at the flippin' roots) and had a panic attack trying to get it out... so much a panic attack that my reaction was to jump in the shower and try getting it out while pouring an entire bottle of conditioner on my hair. eventually, after a rough fight with the stupid round brush and my hair (many brain cells and a bottle of expensive conditioner later) i won that darn match. it also reminds me of this one time when ziggy was staying with the grandparents (back in her  o.o.c. days) and i called mama to check on the four legged child and her response was this "she's fine... i just went back there to check on her and she had a coat hanger around her neck... and i think she helped you take your christmas tree down since the holidays were over."


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