Tuesday, August 31, 2010

in 150 words or less write about salsa dancing:
i was asked to do this today, whaaaa? okay. here goes.

Salsa music has a beat that makes you want to get moving. Salsa dancing has a vibe that connects you with your partner. In some way, it's rather sexy. The moves in Salsa dancing come together with the music so well. I, personally, am not a salsa dancer. Although, the art of everything salsa (the music, the moves, the clothes, the connections between partners) keeps  the interest alive in me. If there is ever an opportunity to take lessons I would quit with all the curiosity and jump on the salsa train. If I had to guess, salsa dancing would probably forever be a part of my life. I imagine it being something filled with new friendships and countless hours of dancing. Oh, you know what tags along with dancing, don't you? Burning calories! That is surely something to build even more excitement. So, sign me up already. I'm interested in the outcome of learning just a basic step. Who knows, I could be competition level before a blink of an eye with the drive of something that sounds and looks as fun as salsa dancing.


blah blah blah.


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